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Musica is a well-established Danish chamber choir located in Copenhagen. Musica consists of approx. 25 dedicated singers and is one of the top 5 amateur chamber choirs in Copenhagen.
Our trademark is a thought-out thematic approach to our concert programmes, arranging the pieces around themes such as “Light”, “Italian summer”, “Women composers” and most recently “Music and The Brain”. We emphasize the use of many different modes of expression when conveying the music, such as alternate line-ups, recitations and light effects. You can check out pictures from the life of a singer in Musica here and see and listen to some of our recordings here.

For information in English about Chamber Orchestra Musica, see here.

Join us as member
Musica regularly admits new singers in all voice groups. Instruction takes place in Danish, but we welcome foreign nationals to join us. Choir singing is an excellent way of meeting Danish people and getting a glimpse of Danish and Nordic culture. At the moment (April 2021), nationals of Chile, Austria and Sweden are members of Musica – and our conductor is a Portuguese!
To join, you must be a trained singer with some experience in sight-reading. We suggest that you attend a rehearsal (Monday evening) and then apply for audition. Contact information below.

For further information about the choir and booking, please contact:Jacob Deichmann, +45 5161 3643, e-mail booking@musica.dk.
If you are interested in joining the choir contact:
Karin Lomborg Berg,  22170915, e-mail optagelse@musica.dk.

More about Musica
Musica regularly participates in Choral competitions. In September 2018, Musica participated in the “Isola del Sole” competition in Grado, Italy, and won the category Mixed Choir.
In October 2015, Musica particapated in the choir competition “Canta al Mar” in Calella, Spain, and won awards for Best Mixed Chamber Choir, Best/most original Programme and Best Conductor (Filipe Carvalheiro).

Our conductor

Musica is conducted by Filipe Carvalheiro. He was born in Portugal in 1967 and is an orchestral and choral conductor, educated from Lisbon’s Superior School of Music and College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati. Filipe Carvalheiro has conducted a number of prominent orchestras and choirs in Portugal and been at the head of concert cycles at Lisbon’s Opera House and has taught Analysis and Composition at Leiria Conservatory of Music. In Denmark, he has worked with the Royal Danish Opera.

Latest news and plans
The COVID-19-pandemic has – of course – upset our plans for the years 2020 and 2021. Unfortunately, choir singing has been labeled a high-risk-activity, and concerts has been impossible for long periods of time due to restrictions on gatherings.

We are now (April 2021) beginning to see the light at the end of tunnel. All plans are however still preliminary pending a satisfactory delevopment in vaccinations, number of contagions etc. We hope to be able to perform Mozart’s Requiem in November, 2021, and hopefully a couple of Christmas Concerts.

For 2022, we have plans for two major projects, one is a cooperation with the Danish rhythmical choir Vokalkompagniet, the other a concept concert about the Climate Crisis. We also hope to be able to join a Choir Competition somewhere in Europe.

Some previous projects

Our central project in 2019 was “Music in the Brain”, a combined concert and scientific talk that explores the way music and affects the brain.

In 2018, Musica started its own Chamber Orchestra to perform with the choir and independently. The first joint projects was Mozart’s Requiem, which we will repeat in 2021. Read more in English here. Hear a sample from the concerts in 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3e3m6Y17bs

In September 2018, Musica participated in the Choir Competion Isola del Sole in Grado, Italy.

In June 2017, Musica hosted a meeting of 3 Nordic chamber choirs, which included 3 concerts over just 2 days. Another project in 2017 was a presentation of Monteverdi’s sacred and secular choir music, to celebrate the composer’s 450th anniversary.

The central project of 2016 was “Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On” – music to lyrics by William Shakespeare. We performed this programme in Kronborg (Hamlet’s Castle in Elsinore) and twice on a concert tour to London in October 2016.

The central project in 2014-2015 was Kvindestemmer.  In Danish, Kvindestemmer means both Women’s voices and Women’s votes. Kvindestemmer is Chamber Choir Musica’s contribution to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Women’s suffrage in Denmark.
Kvindestemmer is a concert series and a CD that explores choral music by female composers from 9th Century Byzantium over 12th Century Germany, Renaissance Italy and Romantic Germany to contemporary Scotland and Denmark. The author Maria Helleberg has written introductions – in Danish – about the composers, their lives and challenges. On the CD the introductions are read by the Danish actress Anne Marie Helger. You can buy the CD here or via iTunes or Spotify. You can listen to samples here.

As we see it – quotes from the singers:
– Musica is like a proper glass of red wine on a Friday evening. You can live without it, but life is so much better with!
– Musica is a weekly luxury trip into the realms of beauty. The joy and the challenge of reaching ambitious goals through cooperation. Solemn, but never pompous.