New singers

Musica Chamber Choir is currently recruiting a tenor and a bass

If you would like to join the choir we encourage you to come by and join a Monday rehearsal from 7-10 pm in Hans Tausens church. All voice types can attend a pre-sing. Should your vocal type not be one that we currently seek, you can join our assistant list and perhaps join at a later time.
Should this have interest you can contact Karin Berg at +4522170915 or by email:


If you want to audition for Musica you join a Monday rehearsal. During the break in rehearsal the conductor, alongside a panel of 3 or 4 singers, run through a series of vocal performance exercises. They test your range and your skills concerning prima-vista singing. In addition to this you sing a song of your own choice and sing your voice in a joined four-part song. The audition takes about 15 minutes, and you get an instant response as to whether you’ve been admitted. Hence there is a mutual trial period of one month where both social and vocal performances are viewed upon.

What we expect of new singers

Musica is an ambitious and repertoire-wise challenging choir, so we seek singers with choir and singing experience with an involvement and desire to explore music and their own potential. You should be able to sing on key, have knowledge of reading music and have the will to attend and prioritize choir practice and concerts. We sing roughly 10-15 concerts a year and you are expected to join all concerts as far as possible. Since we highlight making music and not going over too many notes at rehearsals you should estimate about an hour a week at home practicing sheet music. You are most welcome to contact Karin if you want to hear more or would like to come visit. Rehearsals are mainly in Danish, but non-Danish speakers are very welcome in the choir. 

Future programmes (links in Danish):

600 DKK/semester
300 DKK/semester if you are a student